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Gawad Kalinga Project

Philippines ICD Gawad Kalinga: Transforming Lives Towards a Sustainable Community

By Fellow Maria Victoria S. Pangilinan

     ICD Section IX Past President

     ICD Gawad Kalinga Chairperson

     The significance of a tree planting program goes far beyond the actual act of planting. Every seedling planted has a story to tell and a lesson to learn.

   The ICD-Gawad Kalinga Community is not just all about building homes for the underprivileged. It has been the commitment of the ICD Philippines Section IX, to bring shelter to the homeless, to improve their living conditions and to add value to their lives.

     Last August 25,2019, ICD officers traveled to Bagac, Bataan to bring bags of food, toiletries, kitchen items and wall clocks to 20 families in the community.  Apart from the donation of these supplies and the food we shared for brunch, we all participated in a tree planting activity at the backyard of their homes. Fruit bearing seedlings were planted, such as calamansi, guyabano, sampalok and cacao.

     Seedlings all come from a tree nursery where they develop to be a little plant, strong enough to be transplanted to another area for its full growth potential. 

In their new home, these seedlings are nurtured, protected and patiently cared for till they grow in size, gain strength, develop resiliency to changes in weather conditions and blossom to maturity. Then they bear fruit that benefits not only the caregiver but the community as well.

     ICD-GK community members were all lifted out of poverty to be sheltered in homes. It is here where  they are nurtured, taught livelihood projects and value formation. This is where they develop strength during crisis and natural disasters and where they learn to improve and restore their living conditions after. It is also here where they discover their potential to create and be the better version of their former selves.  


     ICD Philippines Section continuously supports  the ICD GK Community Development Program. This gives us an opportunity to cause change and transformation, not just for the seedling that develops to become a fruit bearing tree, but for the members to move forward to become individuals that  can contribute significantly to the society.

        Just like a tree, the fruit they bear will come from the endless source of knowledge they develop through time. And when that time comes, they are ready to face a bigger world and have a better future.

earning and interactive activities encouraging children to expand their horizons and  develop essential skills.