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ICD Section IX Philippines Gawad Kalinga Community Projects and Activities

ICD GK Village 2023 projects

ICD section IX Fellows came back from the pandemic with a renewed energy, we have started with the construction of 14 additional home to the village, improvements to the village has also been undertaken particularly to the ICD library and sports court.  

As we have turned over new homes to new families we continue to support everyone in the community from donations coming from the clothes and shoes drive to projects that promote livelihood and a sense of well-being.

Gawad Kalinga Dental Home

In a pioneering effort, ICD Section IX established the ICD-GK dental home.  The dental home initiative extends accessible dental care to the residents of the ICD-GK Village and neighboring communities.  ICD Section IX Fellows work in tandem, offering comprehensive dental services and education to improve oral health and hygiene in the community.  Currently, we have one chair unit with a compressor and sterile water system along with essential dental instruments and supplies.

ICD-Gawad Kalinga Library

The establishment of a dedicated library for the children of ICD-GK village embodies Section IX’s dedication to education and holistic community development.  This project aims to enhance literacy and knowledge among the youth, fostering a culture of learning and intellectual growth.  The library serves as a hub for reading, learning and interactive activities encouraging children to expand their horizons and  develop essential skills.