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Gawad Kalinga History and Beyond

History and Beyond


The beginning: 2007, a generous donation of over 3 hectares of land was made by brothers ICD Life Fellow Felipe Gonzales and MasterLife Fellow and Councilor Primo Gonzales.  It took several years of hard work, determination and negotiations with the local government of Bagac, Bataan, which paid off and led to the building of access roads and bridges to reach and develop the site.


2015, ICD Section IX built the first 5 homes which were turned over to 5 homeless families. This was celebrated by a huge gathering of ICD Fellows who painted the homes, a dental mission, tree planting activity, free haircuts and a fiesta of food shared with the community members.  This was the year when the ICD GK Village was officially launched.


2020, The COVID-19 pandemic affected majority of the centennial projects, however with the donations of the ICD Section IX Fellows together with the fund-raising projects organized by the fellows made sure that the ICD GK project continued.  The lockdowns and uncertainties of the pandemic has tested the world and everyones perseverance.  But as character is built in times of hardship, the ICD, GK and the families of the community banded together and forgot no one.  Quick Action projects that sustained and combat the spread of the disease was instituted by the leaders of ICD and GK with the community.  Among them where the ICD GK Pantawid Covid and GK Walang Iwanan, Walang Hawaan projects.

 With the continued support of Section IX Officers and Fellows together with their families and donors, the groundbreaking of 5 new homes was carried out by the end of the year. A testament of everyones resolve for the ICD GK project.


2021 – 2022, The pandemic presented a number of challenges, but through the perseverance of everyone a 200 square meter ICD GK Multipurpose Hall with a library and office was built and officially opened to hold all events, activities and projects of the community members.  This has also served as a study hall and a place for the children of the community to enjoy reading and to play board games.  Throughout the pandemic, the ICD GK Village project completed 20 additional homes.  This included an ICD Centennial Home, built to commemorate the 100th year of ICD.  It was launched by the end of 2022 with 3 more additional homes that was undergoing construction.


The last tribute to the milestone celebration of  ICD is the ICD Centennial Sports Court – a full standard, open basketball court that can be used for volleyball, badminton and other court games.  This was ICD Section IX way of promoting fitness though sports and an active healthier lifestyle.  It envisions the holistic wellness of both body and mind of the children, teens, and adults of the community.  It likewise serves as a venue where leadership and teamwork skills can be enhanced.


2023, As part of the continued commitment to holistic community development, 14 additional houses was built.  This together with the 23 houses already built puts the total houses of the ICD-GK village  to 37.  This initiative has not only provided shelter byt also contributed to community empowerment.


To the future, The ICD Section IX Fellows is privileged to continue its pledge to be an instrument in providing homes for the homeless and underserved.  As we look into the future of a sustainable healthy community plans to support the environment with preservation projects that add to their livelihood are being undertaken.  


As we have been inspired, it has also been our aim to inspire them to find purpose and live better lives so they can also serve others.